• Actively researching opens new perspectives
    Actively researching opens new perspectives
  • Bringing companies on their trot and teams in motion
    Bringing companies on their trot and teams in motion
  • Using the diversity of personality
    Using the diversity of personality

Consulting –

Leadership and state of the art management.

Consulting is our strength. Our vocation. What we are in the world and in the economy. Our area of operation covers Vienna, the Vienna region and Baden ...


Coaching –

personal, effective and practical

Coaching has demonstrated many positive effects for a successful Company. Coaching also helps towards achieving a balance at different levels.


Prevention –

to prevent previously what could have disturbed afterwards

Prevention, in English or New German prevention, is prevention. So in the closer sense. What we see from Con-Sense ...


Mediation –

Professional support in conflict resolution

Mediation is the constructive way to handle conflict resolution. Conflict can arise anywhere and everywhere and Mediation is often the answer.


Proven partner companies


Con-Sense covers a comprehensive range of services. Therefore, we have a network of handpicked, qualified partner companies for where we do not have the in-house expertise.

Con-Sense special – the aerospace industry

One of the specialist areas of our Con-Sense expertise is in the air. For example in the aerospace sector alone we have 5 specialists with 85 years of aerospace experience. These specialists form part of a network whose competence and efficiency has enabled us as a team to solve even the most complex problems.

For example our expertise covers all of our aerospace customer-relevant key functions such as DOA and operations. And in these areas of aerospace we already function as "Frequent Flyers Con-Sense":


Examples of some of our services in the field of Aerospace.


Improvement Projects for Operational Excellence

In the aerospace sector, increasing productivity is a supporting condition for the success of supplier companies in addition to strict quality requirements.

We support our clients with fully implementable solutions.



Guideline of Product Development Process

The product creation process, short PEP is called, specifically for the development of very specific products of importance. Our contribution: A as regards material and process neutral point of view valuable best practice knowledge to introduce.

The result? A descriptive sketch of the best picture of all processes between customer and supplier. We worry for the careful transfer of this sketch in meetings about mediation and moderation.



Search & Evaluation of Global Production Capacities

The future challenge by suppliers in the next few years is to establish of additional capacity - particularly in the area of autoclave processes. To know where spare capacity are located and how to bring the suppliers in an aerospace oriented basis,

requires our full attention and full bet!



Supply Chain Definition, Development & Control

Complex supply chains and occasional large offset obligations of OEMs require a secure and sustainable development of operational supply chain. What's going on so much as in the automotive industry: A stable production in relation to cost, quantity, and quality

is an essential factor for the long-term success. The other factor is a safe logistics, whether just-in-time or just-in-sequence. We help OEMs to meet these complex requirements.



Special Products

Are you a special case? Also good! Our strengths include also one-off assistance for well-defined tasks.

Change Management – Changes in the scope of your business

Change management is more than just a buzzword in times of rapid change. It isn’t always easy to cope with change - especially in the context of business – if it were; there would be many more successful companies. Change would often be only coping with finance, building, other resources etc. were it not for the people. The people who deal with changes are mostly sceptical and can be active or passive in their resistance. Such resistance to change often arises out of fear.

These are the employees who need help and support in handling change so ‘change management’ enables these people and their companies to handle and to overcome resistance to change with smooth and professional management being used to implement the change processes. There are, of course, numerous profound theories and best practices. And this is where our experience enables us to introduce a new approach.


The 3 phases of successful change processes.

The sociologist Kurt Levin has produced many studies of processes of change. He has identified 3 phases to go through and these are in the context of making successful changes to the processes: And he puts them over in an easily understandable:
Create transparency (unfreezing)
Cleaning (moving)
Keep clean (freezing)

We at Con-Sense, by following the ideas of Kurt Lewin, have developed our own methods for managing change. We take all the steps necessary to assist the employees of the companies we serve "picked up". We start by building trust. Then whilst acting as agents of change outsider a client company Con-Sense has been able to form close relationships with company employees. thereby ensuring that change processes are successfully implemented.


Con-Sense Change Management steps.

Step 1: Create transparency (unfreezing)

The 1st step in the Con-Sense change management means create transparency. We deal systematically with facts and figures and thus to establish presence on the scene the necessary acceptance for our presence. Our data determination takes into account the time management mainly. We collect administrative activities, such as technical,

production control and production planning by time blocks and on quantities. We determine the actual work with the greatest possible precision and conduct first careful interviews with your employees.


The identification of wastes requires an own vision. An open, value-free and courageous inner attitude to change.



Step 2: Cleaning (moving)

We clean up together! Cleaning, our step 2 in the Con-Sense change management, we see the joint planning, designing and implementing change-accompanying measures. Just the common approach, as a unit, ensures sustainable outcomes.

Our approach is based on the categories of the Lean Houses and on the different stages of evolution per category. While the composition of the project team and the allocation and perception of the individual project roles is essential.


Usually only the one who is involved in even this experienced a thorough cleaning. Middle of it to be opened in new experiences. New experiences open up new perspectives. New perspectives can bring forth entirely new personalities.



Step 3: Stay clear (freezing)

In the Con-Sense change management makes Stay clear the 3rd step. The step Stay clear remain of course assumes that something exists. In our case an ideology of employees, which has been implemented in the previous steps. We recommend and support the continuous personal development based on the concepts of Kaizen.

We say: clear can be only one company, whose executives themselves on effective leadership. Its leaders know that they must work out leadership acceptance and will never give.


New personality bring new value images, spread a new spirit. So, satisfaction can develop, which in turn leads to sustainability.

Con-sense to the touch – specific projects

We at Con-Sense attach great importance to all our projects as well as to the individual success stories, in which we have succeeded on behalf of our customers and clients: That means we always show full commitment to achieving our clients’ objectives within appropriate budget and time constraints.

Here we introduce to you some of our projects already implemented. Therefore, please tell us all about your specific industry and objectives and whether you would like to know more about our work and the way we work?


Tacted Lines:

Our customer: The CNH GmbH in St. Valentin, at the European headquarters of the international Agriculture OEM. Our prestigious tasks were within the Group initiative "World Class Manufacturing": tacting the pre-Assembly of tractor hoods, which

allows the direct feeding of the main assembly line within the cycle times, focusing on maximum process safety.


Our customer: Wethje carbon composites GmbH in Pleinting, Germany, whose Components are installed the upper class as well as in aeronautics and industry for over 30 years in the international motor sport in sports car.

Our tasks: tacting the manufacturing processes for a structural composite components for Porsche 918 Spyder.



One piece flow:

Our customer: Palfinger Europe GmbH in Lengau, Austria; at its Köstendorf plant Palfinger Europe GmbH manufactures transportable forklift trucks. These products are transportable forklifts options, ranging from simple to highly complex devices

What was needed was the redesign of the assembly line for model mix into one piece flow so that efficiency was increased and the production plant was secured in Austria.



Moving Line:

Our customer: The FACC operations GmbH are one of the primary suppliers of composite for the aviation industry. It is a leader in the development and production of components made of composite materials.

At the Interior plant in St. Martin im Innkreis, Austria, a new moving line was designed and implemented for luggage racks in the Airbus A320. These luggage racks are now mounted and packaged in a defined cycle time according to customer needs.



Supply Chain:

Our costumer: Wintersteiger AG, Ried im Innkreis, Austria, is a highly successful machine producer in several business areas: Specialising in the sports rental business: a completely revised supply chain has been embedded with depot service easy product

storage. The aim of the project was to reduce the administrative costs and consistently to improve the value chain between OEMs and suppliers.

Consulting – Services for your business success

Consulting is only as good as the measures developed for the respective businesses. As you will see in practice, in the Con-Sense Group, we place the highest value on solutions, implementation and orientation of our services. Many years of expertise has equipped us to provide for your special requirements. For example:

shop floor projects and projects that are task-force in character. Our experts are also available for both interim management and lean operations management; for example time economy according to REFA/MTM, value stream mapping and value stream design, Kaizen and much, much more is available.