„It is nonsense to slam doors when you can leave them ajar."

(J. William Fulbright)

Mediation is positive/ constructive conflict resolution. Is that necessary? We state: Mediation is a good idea when conflicts exist. As generally known conflicts are omnipresent. Therefore the answer is yes.

In the corporate context we also talk about business mediation. The cleansing effect of mediation and the many immediate effects to teamwork are often underestimated. Mediation has a very high success rate in disagreements, misunderstandings and communicative challenges und substantial conflicts. It doesn’t matter whether conflicts have evolved between individual employees or between entire departments.

We at ConSense even handle complex appearing conflicts and quandaries/ stand-offs in a neutral, impartial and solution-oriented manner. We are available for you at your site, especially in the Vienna metropolitan area and Baden district. Certified business mediators guarantee you a maximum in professionalism, discretion and effectiveness.

Mediation eliminates conflicts. We support you!