„Healing can only be achieved through your body, your soul and your spirit. Other people or things can only support. "

(nach Ebo Rau)

Prevention means measures to avoid unwanted incidents, which with a certain probability can occur if no actions against are taken. Prevention requires that suitable measures are available to influence the occurrence of those incidents.

Why are we from ConSense dealing with health prevention? Well: We work with people. We take people serious. And health is not only in common language use our greatest asset. Health and health prevention also decide about our wellbeing, our performance, our vitality. Prevention aims to sustain and strengthen health. We from ConSense contribute with our services in health prevention to stop the appearance of common however troublesome discomfort. One of the pillars of successful prevention is the sensitization of the individual for health self-responsibility.

That’s where the gap is in our health care system. The focus is on individual sub-areas of health and to repair when damage has already occurred.

Body and psyche in other words „body, spirit and soul“ are one. Together they form the person as a whole. Each change in one of the tiers brings changes to all the other levels. This is what we can utilize to find our individual balance to feel great and productive.

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