„To feel good, it must make itself felt!"

(B. Geller-Wollentrin)

The seminar “Spürbare Tage” is an experience based training concept developed by Con-Sense. “Spürbare Tage” improves the targeted realignment of entire teams. You will see: Where leadership and passion were missing, stagnant projects will suddenly move on and fulfill the given expectations or even excel them.

We compose the schedule individually from different program components. Underlying topics are team building, project building or value guidance. We encourage und challenge people in example with specific and exceptional tasks in an outdoor environment. We support their conscious and unconscious powers, sharpen their perception and achieve an unforgettable experience in terms of self-handling and interaction with others.

With a lot of empathy we design and manage specific situations, which require different competencies und problem solving approaches in order to develop new potential. This allows experiences that positively change the behavior of team members. The direction? Expansion and development for all and more understanding for the world and “others”. Always present in every seminar as a key element:

Targeted reflection, feedback and transfer of experiences and new knowledge into everyday work.