„Learning is a continuous movement, it is not based on knowledge."



Appreciative Communication

Appreciative communication increases the quality of social interaction in your company. What is meant by “appreciative communication”? It is a conversational attitude based on Marshall Rosenberg’s concept of violent free communication. Appreciative communication increases social interaction quality in work groups and it

promotes the teamwork which in turn directly impacts work results and working conditions. An increase in social interaction quality also promotes corporate culture and values and harmonizes relationships between employees, suppliers and customers.



Business Drawing and visual presentation (2 Modules)

In module 1 of our seminar clusters “Business Drawing and Presentation” we can show how visualization of lasting impressions can be achieved both in a conversation and while working. In our seminars we use a method of instruction showing secure and quick drawings on flipcharts in a presentation that includes a personalized template set

for further usage. We can also undertake an individual seminar for your company focusing on typical corporate events or specific events in the future. Module 2 comprises Business Drawing and visual presentation. Here - with a workshop - we will intensify the visual proficiency and teach methods to optimize managing a team.