„It is not enough to know we can assist you. It is not enough to want to - you have to do whatever is needed."

(J. Wolfgang v. Goethe)

Consulting is only as good as the measures developed for the respective businesses. As you will see in practice, in the Con-Sense Group, we place the highest value on solutions, implementation and orientation of our services. Many years of expertise has equipped us to provide for your special requirements. For example:

shop floor projects and projects that are task-force in character. Our experts are also available for both interim management and lean operations management; for example time economy according to REFA/MTM, value stream mapping and value stream design, Kaizen and much, much more is available.

Change Management –

Changes reach

Change management is more than just a buzzword in times of rapid change, because it makes changes easier, especially in the entrepreneurial context …


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We at Con-Sense appreciate the importance of making all of our projects individual success stories for our customers. That means fulfilling our Customer obligations ...


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in the aerospace industry

One of the specialties at Con-Sense is our unique expertise in the aerospace industry. In the aerospace sector alone our 5 specialists already combine 85 years’ experience ...


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We at Con-Sense cover a wide range of services and because we cannot always have expertise in everything we are asked to do for our customers we also work with a network of partners ...