„Harmony unify diversity"

(N. Sri Ram)

The Con-Sense Group was founded because it was the right time. Time for our diverse range of services to be united under one umbrella. We launched as a classic business consultancy in the year 2010 and we later worked on external outdoor events. That was before we realised the importance of human beings as an individual, and the parent principal content of our existence was explained.

Today, the specialist fields of our activities include Coaching and Mediation. And we are also working intensively with health prevention, because we believe the employees of a company (its people) are the most decisive factor for a business’s success.



The people in and behind the Con-Sense Group

The Con-Sense Group focuses on a multi-professional team of experts in various forms of cooperation Always applies: We have only those partners on board who have the

same burning desire for success as the founders of the Con-Sense Group. When speaking about our founders our core team of the Con-Sense Group comprises:



Birgit Böck – An entrepreneur with spirit and empathy

Birgit Böck is well educated and well trained entrepreneur with many years of experience in commercial and personal matters. She is equipped with very valuable expertise from her earlier executive positions, and her extensive talents are now available for the existing structures within the con-sense group.

Birgit Böck’s particular strength lies in her quick opinions and in her empathic understanding of moods situations, organizations and personalities.



Herbert Brandstötter – Consultant with 3 decades of experience

Herbert Brandstötter is a trained economist and consultant. And one of his particular strengths lies in working on operational requirements. Herbert Brandstötter’s particular talent lies in the minutiae of his understanding numbers, data and facts as well as in

the delicate psyche of working people. What makes Herbert Brandstötter very special is his early experience as a sports coach, which still inspires him to this day in creating exceptional team spirit.



Our unit Con-Sense Consulting

Con-sense consulting is a special unit of Con-Sense group. At Con-Sense consulting, we strengthen our core team around a pool of outstanding expertise. Because of this we are experiencing continuous developments and new findings as well as conditions in which there is a veritable leadership evolution. Therefore, where a client could have previously only afforded a consulting generalist, we now provide specialists for specific topics. At Con-Sense consulting, we start with a focus on time management, and we

have specialists with specialist knowledge spread throughout Europe. We also have specialists for all operations across every sector. To have efficient top quality expertise covering these and other special topics, obviously requires a specific organization. Therefore our network includes a team associated with juniors as well as senior experts at partner-level.



Small Con-Sense philosophy

What is simple with us always remains simple. The key is to keep it simple and this speaks for itself. Other values which we hold within the Con-Sense group, are respect

and authenticity in our thinking and behaviour, whilst we still always strive to produce the perfect balance between preserving reliability, renewal and effecting change.