„Examples of some of our services in the field of Aerospace."

(Brigitte Fuchs)

One of the specialist areas of our Con-Sense expertise is in the air. For example in the aerospace sector alone we have 5 specialists with 85 years of aerospace experience. These specialists form part of a network whose competence and efficiency has enabled us as a team to solve even the most complex problems.

For example our expertise covers all of our aerospace customer-relevant key functions such as DOA and operations. And in these areas of aerospace we already function as "Frequent Flyers Con-Sense":


Examples of some of our services in the field of Aerospace.


Improvement Projects for Operational Excellence

In the aerospace sector, increasing productivity is a supporting condition for the success of supplier companies in addition to strict quality requirements.

We support our clients with fully implementable solutions.



Guideline of Product Development Process

The product creation process, short PEP is called, specifically for the development of very specific products of importance. Our contribution: A as regards material and process neutral point of view valuable best practice knowledge to introduce.

The result? A descriptive sketch of the best picture of all processes between customer and supplier. We worry for the careful transfer of this sketch in meetings about mediation and moderation.



Search & Evaluation of Global Production Capacities

The future challenge by suppliers in the next few years is to establish of additional capacity - particularly in the area of autoclave processes. To know where spare capacity are located and how to bring the suppliers in an aerospace oriented basis,

requires our full attention and full bet!



Supply Chain Definition, Development & Control

Complex supply chains and occasional large offset obligations of OEMs require a secure and sustainable development of operational supply chain. What's going on so much as in the automotive industry: A stable production in relation to cost, quantity, and quality

is an essential factor for the long-term success. The other factor is a safe logistics, whether just-in-time or just-in-sequence. We help OEMs to meet these complex requirements.



Special Products

Are you a special case? Also good! Our strengths include also one-off assistance for well-defined tasks.